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Vive la France & Your
Belle Vie here !

France has within its 'hexagon' an amazing range of
unspoilt landscapes, and charming towns and cities.


It has it all, really: diverse coastal regions, mountainous areas, forests, flat or undulating countrysides. Across that varied land, there are approximately
40 000 châteaux, the different provinces each displaying their own architectural styles. 40 000 châteaux equates, on average, to one per commune; although some communes are devoid of any châteaux, and others can have up to seven!  


Many buyers would prefer a château close to Paris, in the Ile-de-France or Normandie regions, or further South, in Provence or Côte d'Azur, famed worldwide by the likes of Peter Mayle or Brigitte Bardot. 


However, there are so many more interesting and beautiful regions
in France, that it would be a shame not to venture further afield 
in pursuit of one's very own : “Vie de Château!” 


That is made all the more possible, that travel and communications across the country are facilitated by an excellent rail network, with frequent high speed trains, and an efficient motorway system, backed up by well-maintained secondary roads, often virtually empty. Not to mention the developing fibre optic network, ideal for a bit of country air 'télétravail' (working from home).  


Click here to read our selection of some of the more appealing areas, to assist you in your search of your unique corner of France.

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