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Philip Hawkes Privacy Policy

Philip Hawkes is an international real estate agency based in Paris, France. For over 35 years, The Hawkes' have been dealing
in châteaux, apartments, manor houses, and large-scale residential properties in Paris, and throughout France. 

This website, like many on the Internet, collects user data in order to fulfil its purpose. Some of this data is collected using cookies (which are tiny temporary files stored on your computer) and similar tracking technology that allow the website to recognise you, for instance when you search, navigate the site, or submit a form. Information is gathered to observe how people use the site, so that we can continue to improve it.
Any suggestions gratefully received!

Certain pages need to collect more specific personal information –
for example, if you enquire about a particular property, ask for help in finding your dream home or perfect investment in France, subscribe to
a newsletter, etc. In those instances we will need your name, contact details and further information in order to
fulfil your request. We may use this information to share news and offers with you in the future.
This data is stored securely on our or third party servers.

By continuing to use this website, or entering into communications
with us, you consent to the above.

Under GDPR, and rationally!, you’re well within your rights to ask for your data to be “forgotten” by us. We won’t take it personally – we’d
much rather you were straight with us.

We look forward to meeting you and hope to match you
with your dream property soon!

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