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Philip Hawkes considers the quality of the photographs to be of prime importance.  ‘Low res’ photos are rarely used these days, but old documents are always useful in giving a historical record of the property.


All the photographs on this site (with a few acknowledged exceptions) have been taken ‘in-house’.  The CHÂTEAUX were photographed by PHILIP HAWKES himself.  He has been taking photographs of beautiful French houses since before he started his career as an Estate Agent, and the Agency Archives now contain well over 10,000 images (plus their negatives if taken before 2000).


In addition PHILIP HAWKES is also happy to undertake private commissions to photograph Châteaux for Owners  -  "LE REPORTAGE CHÂTEAU"  -  who wish to have a panorama of their homes, or for reasons such as succession problems, architectural records, or ‘before and after’ testimonies, etc.


The PHOTOGRAPHS of the Paris Townscape which introduce and illustrate this site were the work of LUCY HAWKES who has been photographing Paris and other spots around the world with a discerning eye and a large dose of humour for many years.


Copyright is reserved on all photographs, sketches, texts and the layout of this website, as well as all Texts used in the Descriptions and Brochures of the properties for sale, and used for selling purposes.

Philip Hawkes Agency, Paris
+ 33 6 80 40 65 99 - + 33 1 42 68 11 11

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